Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to make lace nails

Lacey nail 
how to:
1. put gold nailpolish or other colour to your nails
2. find your fave lace fabrics
3. put same colour of nailpolish witrh your lace fabrics
4. place the lace to your nails
5. cut the fabric until fits to your nail
6.put top coat the top of that
7. voila you got lace nails

use gold and black colour for elegant look

made by: Paula Yosephine



so this is my make up for berrybenka.. 
i loved to try this bold eyebrows for myself.. how about u?
pssttt.. also try with pale lips.. kisss
products: ben eye eyeliner pencil
               nyx base eyeshadow
               brown and cream eyeshadow from coastal scent
               PAC bronzer
               use consieler for pale lips and lipgloss

Sunday, April 21, 2013

here my vintage make up for berrybenka lookbook
the products are:
1.for base i'm using MAC liquid foundation for body and face and mix with kryolan cream foundation.
2.MAC studio fix compact powder
3.eyes: eyeshadow base from NYX, eyeshadow light blue colour from Coastal scent, eyeliner from MAC gel liner and mascara from Maybelline.. and fake lashes of course!
4. cheeks: Sephora pink blush, shade with Sephora bronzer
5. lipstick: Kryolan red lipstick pallette

i will show u girls how to make it for my next post!
try this for party? WHY NOT??