Tuesday, May 28, 2013

when galaxy met tribal

comfy style for today..

i really like use filter to my pics.. so its look so sweet haha

details: metal necklace and tassel 

details: tribal bag from vietnam and DIY my short jeans

intagram : yosephine_

Saturday, May 25, 2013

sweet floral

theme for today is pink floral. i did my job last time for berrybenka slider. its about floral, sweet, fairy, earth.
i really love the photos from the photographer. it was really nice. And when i see my closet i think i find my clothes and style that match with that photos. so today i will post my make up job and my style.
so here final shot from the photographer.. 
just natural makeup and play with earthy colour.
hair: just natural curly

and this one is my style.. match right?with the theme of the photoshoot.
they are borrowed my flower headband haha
and this is details of my style.. handmade flower headband, pink jumpsuit and my mom vintage bag
just happy have stylist mommy haha (but when she was young, not now hahah)

thats all for my mix and match my job make up and my style..next i will post another mix and match my style and my make up job..ow btw please follow my instagram "yosephine_" 
i really addicted with that application hahaha


Thursday, May 16, 2013

ready, set, galaxy

well im backk... too lazy open my notebook and create new post..
i like post my photos on intagram
ow btw check my instagram please :) yosephine_

okay back to my photos now.. i just nothing to do at home so i started to open my messy closet and mix and match.. and the result is...

  details: galaxy skirt ( i really like this skirt wohooo), heart ring i got from Diva, bracelet from online shop
metal belt (this number 2 my fave stuff)

the glitters shoesss.. i got this from my sister, she bought me this shoes in sidney..
and you know what?? this shoes is only $10 WOW.. but the style and so comfort. feel so lucky that my sister can get this shoes for me !! 
another picture without filter and effect..my face?bloated face hahahaha
tosca blazer from forever 21

thats all folks 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

korean street style

Head to toe :
My DIY hat ( I will show u next time how to make this hat)
Blue flower colar top
Handmade short jeans
Braids belt
Shoes from new look
Handmade bracelets

Saturday, May 11, 2013

start my day with pastel outfit

head to toe:
braids headband
white shirt dress 
denim shirt
tosca studs bracelet
brown zara bag
wood cross necklace 
socks and shoes from rubi

edited with perfect 360 application