Friday, November 1, 2013

purrr..purple eyes for asian eyes

hellow yellow all..

this time i will show you a little bit different.. i did purple make up for asian..
ussually i post about korean look..but this time strong eyes with purple colour..
i did this for my client (indonesian style) but forgot to take picture the client T.T
so i make it again on my eyes..

well let us see.....

what you need:
for eyes:
1. nyx-white base eyeshadow
2. urban decay-deluxe shadow box: ransom, fishnet and zero colour
3. loreal -gel eyeliner
4. your fave fake lashes
5. lancome- pencil eyeliner
6. maybelline- mascara

for eyebrows:
1. mio piccolo eyebrow mascara
2. mio piccolo eyebrow pencil
3. elf eyebrow kit

how to:
1. first use base eyeshadow
2. put fishnet colour in the eyelid, and then put ransom colour in outer eye until the socket, and put fishnet colour above ransom colour..blend it
3. take the zero colour and put in outer corner of eye and blend it
4. put gel liner in the top of eye line and under liner.
5. put pencil eyeliner in outer corner and smudge it
6. put pencil colour under eye and smudge it and apply fishnet colour under the black colour, blend it
7. use mascara top and under lashes
8. put your fave lashes top and bottom
9. for eyebrow.. draw the line outer area in eyebrow with eyebrow pencil
10. fill the eyebrow with eyebrow kit
11. use mascara eyebrow and shape it.

sorry i dont put the picture about "how to"
voilaaaa...its donee..

and this is the result

thats all... hope you like it :)