Sunday, September 29, 2013

blue korean make up

yuhuuu....hi again all

now i will show you how to make blue korean makeup..
after watched alot of music video from k-pop.. give me some inspiration to make this..
all u now that korean never put thick make up or in bahasa " menor/ medok make up"
they are just used eyeliner, maybe thicker than usual, but if u see the overall look they are just look natural.

okay let started

first thing first

what u need?

1. dr.jart+  -bb cream water fuse
2. mineral wear  -loose powder
3. benefit  -benetint
4. l'oreal- colour riche 614

1. Urban Decay deluxe pallete  -peace and zero
2. maybelline eyeshadow pallete - white
3. l'oreal  - gel eyeliner
4. tony moly  -eyebrow tattoo
5. urban decay  -potion pot
6. maybelline  -mascara
7. arwani  -fake lashes

how to make base?
-apply bb cream all of your face
- apply loose powder in circular motion
- apply benetint in your cheeks
- put lipstick

How to make the eyes?

1. (apply primer potion pot)apply peace colour under the eyes
2. apply white colour inner cornes of the eyes until in the middel under eyes
3. apply top eyeliner with gel eyeliner and make wing in outer corner
4. apply under liner and join it with top liner
5. take zero colour and apply in outer corner under the eyes (blending it)
6. put the fake lashes..

taaa korean look is finish...

and this is the overall look

thats all..easy right?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

DIY Vitamin E mask

helloo girls

this time i will show you DIY Vitamin E mask. It is very easy, quick and cheap hahahah...
do once a week to get nice face skin :)

here you go :)

1. what you need?
- vitamin E capsule ( i bought natur-e) you can buy in drug store or supermarket
- plate 
- scissor

2. how to do it
first cut the capsule with scissor until the liquid inside came out

and push the capsule, until the liquid came out and place it on the plate

put the liquid in your finger . apply to your skin in circular motion  and massage your face with the mask

wait until 10-15 minutes
wash it with face foam ( because you can feel oily)

and voilaa... get fresh and healthy skin!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SK II review

Hi all.....
finally i'm back.. ow yeahhh... 
because im quite busy with my make up, no time to post..

i will talk about SK II in this post. i just falling in love with this products 
my skin is really bad.. i have sensitive skin, oily in T-zone and dry in another area. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia that really bad pollution. well before im using this products, i using skincare from doctor. after my skin better i start to use SK II skin care. I use Facial treatment Essence (people called Miracle Water), facial treatment gentle cleanser and facial treatment gentle cleansing cream. i can see the different of my skin when using this products for 2 weeks. I can feel my skin more fresh, bright and no more small pimple.
SK II products 

maybe some people dont agree with what my post, because back to person skin.
but for me this products is awesome make my skin looks like korean skin hahaha.. i just love korean skin.
especially after using the miracle water, i can feel fresh and dewy look.

how to use it?

1. use cleansing cream (it has thick texture ) take in ur finger and put it in forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.
2. clean your make up with circular motion all of face area, except eye area.
3. use cotton to clean it
4. clean it with again with water and then put treatment gentle cleanser with circular motion.clean it with water
5. use facial treatment essence (FTE). put essence in spray bottle, spray to your face and tap-tap your face.
 why i prefer use bottle spray, so it is directly to your face and its not loose in your cotton.
but you can use cotton- take 1/4 cotton and put essence, apply it all of your face and tap it.
 SK II FTE- Facial Treatment Essence  (Miracle Water) 150ml
SK II Facial Treatment gentle cleanser cream 15g 
Facial Treatment gentle cleanser 20g
about the price?
for me this products is expensive. i bought the FTE for idr 1.149.000 and i got cleanser, and cleansing cream because i am new member. but its worth it for me to get korean look hahahaha..

i thinks thats it for today..sorry if you dont understand my english (bad grammar, still learning) hahahaha...

last words : i give 4.5 from 5 star for this products

:) :)

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