Saturday, June 8, 2013

ombre lips with benetint

i'm back..
this time i will not post my outfit but i will review about BENETINT from Benefit
and also show you how to make ombre lips using benetint

well, i really happy that benefit finally open their store in Indonesia. because i really like their products.
before in Indonesia i know this product when i live in Sidney. when i try them and i falling in love with their products. They open their store in Plaza Indonesia in Jakarta in 3rd floor and their store is really nice decoration, it makes you want to come their store. but i forgot to take a picture their store because just straight away to bought their products hahaha...
 this is my lovely benetint that i love haha.. i also love the paper bag, really sweet and nice right?
for me i like benetint, because it stay for 12 hours and the colours looks so natural. its really good for cheeks and lips as well.. i gave 9 point for this. but the price is quite expensive for me its about IDR380k.

they gave this if we open the box. they teach how to use benetint for cheeks and lips.
but i think if its for cheeks you should tap lightly so the colours out and doesnt stay in your finger (if you rub it)
i try in my hand and this is the colour, looks so red but after blend it its will turn to pink.
owh, i like the smell too..:D

okay move to " how to make ombre lips with benetint"
1. prepare your lips so its not dry
2. use concieler to cover all of ur lips
3. use benetint inner your lips
4. tap the benetint goes to outside your lips using sponge
5. use benetint again in inner lips to makes the colour out
6. use pink lipgloss all of your lips
7. and here u go, your ombre or gradient lips.
ready for going date!!kiss..

i got inspiration from many korean actress do this ombre lips, and i really like it because it makes my lips looks fuller :)

so.. please try this at home! hahaha

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