Thursday, June 23, 2016

orange pink eyes tutorial

HELLOOO.... finally back again in here.. to blogging again after 3 years hahaha..

last time i just start active in instagram. Check my instagram @asianmakeup_tutorial. 
And after busy busy day and now i have time to blogging again wohooo.... 
basically my blog will post about tutorial i did in instagram, but more detail about how to and the products i use. 

okay to much talking here it is tutorial for orange pink eyes. 
chech this out!!!!

okay how to make it?
1. use pink eyeshadow all of ur eyelid, block it
2. use orange eyeshadow on the top of pink eyeshadow
3. blend it well with ivory eyeshadow under ur browbone
4. use red brown colour in the outer corner and blend it
5. use pink shadow under of your eye
6. use liquid black liner on the top of your eye
7. use black kohl pencil for under of your eyes and in the waterline area
8. use your fave fake lashes

and voilaaaaaa.... its done!!!
use gray lenses to get the beautiful eyes

okay next!

let's move to the products
1. fishnet colour from urban decay deluxe palette
2. orange eyeshadow from coastal scent palette
3. ivory eyeshadow from coastal scent palette
4. red brown eyeshadow from coastal scent palette
5. black liquid liner from milani
6. black kohl pencil liner from loreal
7. fake lashes from arwani (indonesian brand)

okayy thats it.. so hopefully u guys can apply it for special party..

big much love from me


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